Hydrant Hook-Up Drill 4/30/15

Member Dave Schwaab teaching probationary member Niko Piearski the basic principals of hydrant hook-up

Dave Schwab assisting Niko Piearski with hydrant hook-up.


Niko on hydrant

Niko Piearski attatching a 5" hose line to the hydrant.


Opening hydrant

Niko Piearski opening the hydrant to allow water to Spring Brook Engine #3.


Deluge Gun

Dave Schwab and Bob Schiffman on the pump panel of Engine #3 working with the deluge gun.


Auto Extrication Drill 1/17/2013

Ron Snyder learning how to roll the dashboard off a trapped victim in an auto accident.

Katie Panicali using the saw to remove the roof from a car.

Drew Reardon using alternative methods to remove a car door.

Ron Snyder, backed by Drew Reardon, removing a car door using the PowerHawk.

Car Fire Drill 12/13/2012

Ron Snyder & Drew Reardon prepare to use foam to extinguish a fully involved car fire on 12/13/12.

Captains Dan Marks and Santo Tedesco (in red helmets) watch as the fire is extinguished.


KED Training

After the quarterly CME training on June 14, new recruits Drew, Ron and Matt received training on patient packaging, KED and loading in the ambulance.