Auto Extrication Drill May 11, 2017

Firefighters from Blossom Fire Company joined us to practice extricating patients from car crashes.


Captain Kate Panicali and Firefighter Annemarie Gilbert use power spreaders to remove a door while Chief Mike Fitzgerald, Captain Niko Piekarski and Firefighter Tyler Tedesco look on.

Members from Spring Brook and Blossom remove doors on a car using different equipment. Members got to use new tools

and learn what types of equipment the other company carries on their trucks.



Firefighters and Chiefs from Spring Brook and Blossom begin working on the second car.


Firefighter Tyler Tedesco works with extrication equipment






Hydrant Hook-Up Drill 4/30/15

Member Dave Schwaab teaching probationary member Niko Piearski the basic principals of hydrant hook-up

Dave Schwab assisting Niko Piekarski with hydrant hook-up.


Niko on hydrant

Niko Piekarski attatching a 5" hose line to the hydrant.


Opening hydrant

Niko Piekarski opening the hydrant to allow water to Spring Brook Engine #3.


Deluge Gun

Dave Schwab and Bob Schiffman on the pump panel of Engine #3 working with the deluge gun.